Increase ROI Fast With Our Wide Angle View (WAV) Solution Suite

Today's market demands fact-based insights to quickly decipher how media and promotions are performing to keep your brand relevant to consumers and differentiated from your competition. However in today's always-on world, these insights must be derived from understanding changing consumer behavior as digital innovation fuels more choice in the way consumers shop & buy.

The challenge is that legacy analytics are too often inadequate to explain the cross channel effects in a world of multi-channel marketing and multi-channel commerce. And, they typically only focus on the effects of marketing activity on a single brand in isolation rather than considering how these activities impact all the brands in a category.

Relying on a single brand to evaluate consumer response is like taking a picture of the marketing landscape through a telephoto lens. True ROI contribution must be seen through a Wide Angle View.

Our Wide Angle View (WAV) analytics were designed specifically to address these issues. WAV can evaluate an entire category of brands measuring the impact of marketing across all channels and capturing both the cross channel effects and cross brand effects.

WAV can help you to:

  • Analyze your marketplace in real time in the context of competition across offline and online channels.
  • Find the right mix of marketing & media that will differentiate your brands from competitors.
  • Create powerful "what if" scenarios that test changes to all aspects of your marketing plan and see the right moves to grow your sales, take share from competitors, even expand your category.

Wide Angle View (WAV) Analytics:

  • Portfolio ROI Optimization: creates an integrated Marketing & Media strategy plan that can encompass your entire portfolio of brands across offline and online channels and accounts for competitors and overall category performance; to optimize your marketing ROI and effectiveness.
  • Cross Media Channel Measurement: quantifies a True ROI by measuring the sales impact from cross channel interactions and identifies the right balance of spending between offline and online media.
  • Consumer Perceptions: quantifies a direct link between changes in consumer perceptions to changes in sales performance. Showing which specific perceptions are most important to driving sales and how changes to these perceptions can be influenced by the right mix of marketing and media investments.
  • Rapid Campaign Performance Evaluation: delivers results fast (within 2 weeks) measuring how effective your campaign is at driving incremental sales, showing you which media channels are performing the best, and enabling you to make any necessarycourse corrections mid campaign.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Media Channel Optimization
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Portfolio Spending Optimization
  • Cross Channel Measurement & ROI
  • Predictive Analytics & Forecasting