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The explosion of digital consumer touch points ( e.g. smart phones, tablets, social media platforms) is radically changing consumer behavior, reducing the utility of the traditional linear marketing model ( from awareness to consideration to purchase) and making the analysis of individual media and channel silos meaningless.

Today, consumers are just as likely to shop online before buying in-store as they are to shop in-store before deciding to buy online. Moreover, the entire distinction between digital and traditional channels is becoming less clear as brands invest in mobile technology to enhance the in-store experience.

At (m)PHASIZE, we work in collaboration with our clients to understand these types of cross media and cross channel effects on customer behavior and on marketing performance.

Our team is breaking new ground in developing models that determine the impact of multi-channel marketing activities on sales as well as in understanding how marketing investments impact individual consumer behavior across all the brands in a category ( thereby providing insight into issues like cannibalization, competitor switching and category growth).

We also have built the technology partnerships needed to handle the large, always-on data sets required to implement these type of cross media analytic models. And, we have the tools available to give our clients near real time access to the results of this analysis and to conduct the "what-if" scenarios they desire to proactively change their marketing programs and improve their business performance.